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Continuation of the horoscope

Aquarius for Happy parents magazine

My Patterns in Real Life

I’m always happy to see my stock patterns in real things.
Sometimes I find pretty cute pieces.

varka came across the slippers in Tailand

floksystar found the rucksack in Piter.

An interesting story happened with this wallpaper. I was awfully pleased when I saw this photo in the Internet. Wallpapers are my passion!
But when I had put my pattern next to it and looked more carefully I realized that the wallpaper pattern was a redrawing : ) 
Recently I’ve seen quite a lot of redrawings of my illustrations... Even terrible 
ones : )

upd: and another pepper from Malaysia

Khvasta the Hare

Can’s help sharing an illustration from the book I have just finished for Rech Publishing House.
It will be released quite soon, in late January (oh, I wish it was sooner).


Capricorne for Happy parents magazine

Dragons and cats

I've made patterns for Topgirft company ^________^

New Year's eve

 Illustrations for Happy parents magazine

Nothing special

Right now working on a book for very small children :)

New Things for Stocks

I have finally decided to continue working for stocks, to increase my earnings there.
It’s a bit hard for me to make Christmas images, can’t help drawing flowers ) 

Master Class of the German Artist Martin Tom Dieck

In the beginning of September I took a part in a master class of the German artist Martin tom Dieck, who, on top of everything else, is a Professor of Illustration in Essen.  http://www.mtomdieck.net/
We studied in an unusual way – wandered about the library and sketched everything that drew our attention, appealed to us or aroused some other feelings. Having collected a lot of various, sometimes very occasional, images we laid them side by side and meditated : ) Our goal was to create a one page scenario for a comics using our library impressions or just some of them. You wouldn’t believe that, but we were bubbling with ideas. Martin rejected the most simple and trivial ideas right away. As well as contrived ones. 
And that was the moment for inspiration to come. So, this meeting really helped me to wake up from my holiday sleep and get back to my usual working mode. Thanks to Dima Yakovlev for the invitation, and to Martin too : ))
As a result of the master class an exhibition was arranged at the Goethe-Institute.

And here is my comics!
Originally, it was black and white. But I couldn’t help colouring it for myself.

Kids Wallpapers Muffin & Mani from Australia

For your kids and the kid in all of us, we have created Muffin & Mani

A shop with kids wallpapers has opened in Australia. My collection is represented there as well.


Kignu the Lamb goes ahead : )

I am so delighted to get photos with the book Kignu the Lamb!
Thanks to 
Kate Pikulina, I’m looking at them and feel full of joy : )


A short comics I’ve drawn for an exhibition within Boomfest.
By the way, all the exhibitions are still open, be sure to come!
See details here 

Kignu the Lamb

 Kignu the Lamb is a book of poems by Natalia Romashova with my illustrations. It was a very interesting and fascinating project. First of all, it was a great pleasure for me to draw for such kind poems. And also to cooperate with Art. Lebedev Studio. 

In high gear, always smiling I lived and breathed this book a whole month (let alone my sick leave). I saw it in my dreams, I thought of it waking up and falling asleep.   
I was greatly impressed by the way the Studio treated me. In the beginning of the work they sent me a book from their shop as a gift. They gave me a free hand and all their corrections were to the point.
I hope you’ll like the outcome.

Same link on english:

 And here you can see the whole process:
same link on English:  http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/izdal/baran-kignu/process/ 

I drew it my usual way: first on paper with a pencil and then added color in Photoshop.

And here come happy me ))

This post in my Russian blog

Badges for Dead-Line

My funny badges for an outdoor event of Dead-Line.

a little diary

Alice in Wonderland