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Master Class of the German Artist Martin Tom Dieck

In the beginning of September I took a part in a master class of the German artist Martin tom Dieck, who, on top of everything else, is a Professor of Illustration in Essen.  http://www.mtomdieck.net/
We studied in an unusual way – wandered about the library and sketched everything that drew our attention, appealed to us or aroused some other feelings. Having collected a lot of various, sometimes very occasional, images we laid them side by side and meditated : ) Our goal was to create a one page scenario for a comics using our library impressions or just some of them. You wouldn’t believe that, but we were bubbling with ideas. Martin rejected the most simple and trivial ideas right away. As well as contrived ones. 
And that was the moment for inspiration to come. So, this meeting really helped me to wake up from my holiday sleep and get back to my usual working mode. Thanks to Dima Yakovlev for the invitation, and to Martin too : ))
As a result of the master class an exhibition was arranged at the Goethe-Institute.

And here is my comics!
Originally, it was black and white. But I couldn’t help colouring it for myself.

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