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Kignu the Lamb

 Kignu the Lamb is a book of poems by Natalia Romashova with my illustrations. It was a very interesting and fascinating project. First of all, it was a great pleasure for me to draw for such kind poems. And also to cooperate with Art. Lebedev Studio. 

In high gear, always smiling I lived and breathed this book a whole month (let alone my sick leave). I saw it in my dreams, I thought of it waking up and falling asleep.   
I was greatly impressed by the way the Studio treated me. In the beginning of the work they sent me a book from their shop as a gift. They gave me a free hand and all their corrections were to the point.
I hope you’ll like the outcome.

Same link on english:

 And here you can see the whole process:
same link on English:  http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/izdal/baran-kignu/process/ 

I drew it my usual way: first on paper with a pencil and then added color in Photoshop.

And here come happy me ))

This post in my Russian blog

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