воскресенье, 12 февраля 2012 г.

Portfolio Book

I’ve finally printed my portfolio book! My soul is calm and satisfied – now I have something to boast :)
I’ve hardly managed to put everything on 80 pages and worked on the layout for several months changing the pictures all the time.
And then I happed to have time and money, and Boomfest was on its way, so it was practically impossible not to print it.

So, you can look at the images.

The end leaf was made wrong, pity. And the folding is bent (or maybe that is the printing), but I’m still happy and delighted.

A page with information about me. Nobody reads it but it’s good to have one.

The book consists of three sections – illustrations, comic strips and patterns. 

All the fly titles are made in the same style (girly).


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