воскресенье, 12 февраля 2012 г.

A Week of my Breakfasts

The whole week I’ve been taking pictures of my (and not only) breakfasts for the Focus Breakfast project. In general, I enjoyed that. But, frankly speaking, I wasn’t very eager to pose in the morning))  
I had to make the photo sessions on the window sill – the only light place in the flat. On first pic: 
Oatmeal with blackberry and gingerbread.

 Oatmeal with banana and berries.
Curd with dewberry and ginger cookies.

Eggs with vegetables.

 Tuna salad.
 Oatmeal with apples and blackberry.
 Oatmeal with blackberry and cookies.
 Lemon pie, crackers and kiwi.

Oatmeal with blackberry and chocolate.

Curd with cherry, feijoa with sugar and a talking chocolate bar.

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